Anointing Of The Spirit

Tearing Up The Page

I was listening to the message preached amongst us last Sunday by Pastor Jeremy Jaques from Gateway Baptist Church, and as he spoke about activity of the devil within the local church, I had a vision. I saw a message written in black texta on a large A2 sheet of paper. The placard read: All the things I want. When I finished reading the message the Lord told me to tear it up.

As I reflected on this action it was clear to me that the Lord doesn’t have a problem with us arriving at church with a placard so long as it is a blank page. His desire is that when we leave it has written on it all the things he wants to achieve amongst us rather than the things we want. Jesus said, “the Son can do nothing by himself; he can only do what he sees the Father doing,” (John 5:19). The challenge is to write on your placard what you see your Father doing and use it as motivation for you and your brothers and sisters in the faith, to join him.

From Frank Eames