Are You Ready For The Fight?

The church is God’s plan A – not plan B! It’s His vehicle to see His will done and His kingdom come on earth as its in Heaven. What a privilege and responsibility! The people of God have an adversary who wants to derail God’s plans. We get tested, we get tempted, we are sometimes confused, sometimes we fail, sometimes we are weak, sometimes we have desert experiences – all of these can ‘mess us around’ – but I am reminded that ‘no weapon fashioned against us will prosper’ (Isaiah 54:17).

Are we able to discern what God is doing? Can we discern what God wants to do? Are we fit for the fight? Will we pass the tests? The message today will touch on these themes and questions.

My prayer today is that God will strengthen us and lift our vision of the resurrected Christ and that we would be filled afresh with what He can do, wants to do and will do, by His grace.

From Rev Jeremy J Jaques