Come Into The New

I Just Can’t Wait

It was four o’clock on Christmas morning when an eight-year old boy slipped out of bed to see what Santa had placed under the Christmas tree. The week prior had been the longest of the year as he just couldn’t wait for the day to come. And what joy came when the presents were opened! That story should be read in connection with another of that same eight-year old as he had to wait for the Friday test that came each week of school term.

Would he pass, or would he fail – would he get to see the weekly class movie or have to miss it to do his corrections. The uncertainty of that wait each week was agony. When Jesus urged his disciples to “wait for the gift my Father promised” (Acts 1:4) it carried the sentiment of the first story above. It bore the notion of waiting with eager expectation. The gift of the Spirit would be marvellous, empowering them to do
what Jesus had done.

In recent weeks, we have been asking God, our Father to pour out a fresh anointing of his Spirit upon us as we seek to serve him. Let us wait with that same eager expectation. May our hearts cry be, “I just can’t wait!

From Frank Eames