The Resurrected Life (Part 3)

Prove it To Me

“Sadly, we have all become so cynical,” said a woman from northern India with whom I was chatting. Her family had roots in a rural region peppered with small villages. “Village people are humble by nature and have not picked up the scepticism of the larger cities that have become fully westernised. They will readily listen to new ideas that touch their hearts,” she said with a graceful wobble of the head.

It caused me to reflect on my own experiences in that ancient land of which she spoke. I had watched hundreds of people rush forward to receive the blessing of God through prayer in the small villages I had
visited but never in the larger ones, where the locals would fold their arms on their chest as if to say, prove it to me. It seems to be little different to Jesus’ day. In the villages which were dotted around the Sea of Galilee, he perfomed many miracles of healing as scores of humble people tarried to embrace his teaching. But when he reached the large city of Jerusalem it was a different matter. He was viewed as a trouble-making heretic. In the Middle Ages such people were burnt at the stake or drowned. In Jesus’ day they were stoned if they fell into Jewish hands or crucified if they fell into Roman ones.

Today they are treated with disdain or indifference. I guess it begs the question of how willing are we to believe what Jesus says and does amongst us? Do we address the stories we hear with cynicism or do we allow them to touch our hearts and stir greater faith within? Jesus said to Thomas, “Because you have seen me you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed” (John 20:29).

Which ones are we; those who have a village faith or a city one?

from Frank Eames