17th May 2020

Please enjoy these two short videos sent to us from our Global Interaction Teams in Cambodia.

The first video is from the Hutchinson Family who are from Adelaide and Luke has shared with us at APBC many times. The Hutchinsons were due to return to Australia due to the Australian Embassy “urging” Australians to return home during this  time. They made the difficult decision to return home – and bought tickets.  While waiting for their flight in Phnom Penh their flights were cancelled – this gave them opportunity to reconsider, and at that point in time they made the decision to stay in Cambodia. Luke says – “It was a very difficult time for us all, but we remain here now, in confidence, that this is where God would have us be”. The second video is from the whole team in Cambodia including Catherine Rogers and Deb and Rob Griffiths – all from Adelaide. 


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