Philosophy could mean a friend of Sophie’s but generally it means a love of wisdom. And like the other sciences, it is supposed to be neutral in its orientation to Christ. But like all butchers, bakers, and candle-stick makers, some philosophers love Christ and some don’t. One neutral claim of philosophy is about knowledge which it defines as ‘justified true belief’.

his means that to know that a belief is true it needs to be justified by evidence. One of Jesus’ famous instructions to his own is that they are to be witnesses to him. The word martyria has additional meanings to witness, namely, testimony, evidence and even proof. From this and the other five instructions translated as ‘witness’ the leaning to the meaning is to provide evidence for his reality. It’s useful to know the evidence.

How can we know that Jesus is alive today and is relevant to life and the world in which we live? Is there any credible evidence? To be sure there is; and is displayed in four reasonable beliefs which are justified by evidence for his resurrection and continued living. There are two which make you expect the resurrection, a God who could do it and who had reason to do it. There are also two credible historical events. It’s not a matter of just believing; it’s justified true belief.

from George Natar