What We Want To Be

“Real People, with a real faith, serving a Real God.”


Aberfoyle Park Baptist Church desires to be a Healthy Church that is ready, willing and able to work together for God’s good and perfect purposes.  A healthy church is one where people feel welcome and safe, where we treat one another with love and respect and where every person is valued.  By growing in our love for God and for one another, we will be better able to love our neighbours.

We are one body made up of many parts.  Our desire is that within the many groups & ministries of APBC, people will find a place to belong, to serve & build lasting relationships so we can encourage one another to live to glorify God.  We look to improve the groups we offer and develop new ways to ensure APBC is a healthy Church.

There is a family feel to our services & we welcome people of all ages.  We often encourage people to share in our services.  People often say of our services that we are ‘Real’. The phrase ‘Real People with a Real Faith serving a Real God’ exemplifies our desire to be honest with God and share with each other as we serve God together.  We desire to journey alongside each other through the good and difficult times.

God loves us as we are, but He also desires that we work with Him in being transformed into the image of Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit, in every area of our lives.  Through a variety of activities, people are encouraged to grow in their knowledge & love for God and to step out in faith serving one another & the local community.

Within our church family we desire to build a place where people can grow to maturity, experimenting and exploring using their gifts and talents for God’s glory.  We would like to be more deliberate in equipping God’s People for God’s purposes.  We desire to have a Kingdom mentality, releasing people into the ministry areas God would have them serve in.

Together we discern God’s calling and encourage people to be equipped and ready to serve as the Holy Spirit leads.

We at APBC seek to abide by the Greatest Command to love God with our whole being and to offer our lives as living sacrifices holy and pleasing to God.  Worship is a whole life activity. We gather together as the church on a Sunday morning to corporately express our love for God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We believe God releases power and healing to His People as they gather in praise and worship.  We love to hear God’s Word preached and to respond to Him with thanks and praise for all he has done for us through His Son, Jesus.  We aim to have opportunities to be still before God in our gatherings so we may hear what the Spirit is saying and to present our requests to God upon who we are dependent.   We seek to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading,

We encourage each other to develop and use our spiritual gifts, and to grow more and more into the image of Christ who has called us.

As God’s People we should be concerned with the things that God is concerned with and actively seeking to join in His work both locally and in faraway places so that the Kingdom of God grows.  God has a heart for justice and is concerned for the plight of the poor and underprivileged.  We look to fulfill the Great Commission, sharing the ‘Good News’ of Jesus, making Disciples and Baptising People in the name of the Father, Son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit.  Most of the activities we are involved with have these purposes in mind.

We encourage individuals to be looking for opportunities to show God’s Love to the people they encounter each day and to practice hospitality to each other and to strangers.  It would be wonderful if every Christian home was the centre of a small community radiating God’s love into a dark world.

We would like to be a people known for love and good deeds, and our building as a place where help and hope can be found.  We have an incorporated Community Services Group that helps in facilitating us meet some of the needs in our local area. As we go about our daily lives we look to plant seeds for the Kingdom of God & trust God to nurture these seeds.  We believe friendship evangelism is the responsibility of every believer and we look to better train people for this and to provide pathways to faith.

We wish to build greater relationships with people in the local community and are working to better connect with Salford Retirement Village and Flagstaff Hill Primary School.

 We send and support a number of people who are called to take the Gospel to ‘the ends of the earth’ or equip others to do so.

In the last few years we have adopted the people of Bangladesh and are praying and endeavouring to do what we can to see many come to faith in Jesus.   We desire to see our local Church grow and have been investigating options including a second service at APBC.

As we look to the future, wanting to see the Kingdom of God flourishing, we dream about planting a church or rejuvenating an existing church.