Video Tips Take Four

We are no longer providing video to the church congregation in lieu of a physical service however these notes are still relevant for those recording video for display during the service.

  1. Always shoot your video in landscape.
  2. Good lighting will radically improve the quality of your video. Try to make sure the background is not better lit than you are.
  3. Make sure the background is suitable.
  4. Laptop, phone, camera or web-cam are fine. Phone is a little harder to upload the videos from.
  5. Position the camera at eye level as much as possible.
  6. When you start a recording, look at the camera and smile for two seconds before you commence speaking. The delay makes editing much easier and gives a cleaner final result.
  7. When you are finished smile at the camera for another two seconds before you reach for the stop button.
  8. Look at the camera as much as possible.
  9. If you are using any props be very careful with the noise they make as it can be quite loud in the video. Put a blanket or towel on your desk to muffle the movement of items.
  10. 7 Hints for Speaking to Camera by Karl Faase
  11. Before uploading your video, give it a name that identifies who recorded it and what it is. A title is needed for the message on the web site so either include it in the uploaded file name or use the form below to provide it.
    1. If it is a sermon you have recorded, give the video file a name that contains the title you would like it to have. Something like “How to record a video by Billy” etc.
    2. If it is a video for leading, number them and give them a title. Something like “1” etc.
  12. If you have an order of service, upload that too. It makes setting up the worships service page a LOT easier. Please ensure that any links in the document are actually displayed as URLs. Putting the links on a separate line also helps considerably. Example order of Service.
  13. Listen closely yo your video once you have recorded it. Does it sound OK?
  14. When you are introducing something that follows your segment, try to end it on a crisp, definite, up note. Think of a radio DJ announcing the next song. “… now we are going to start the service with a song.”


Your video(s) need to be uploaded by Thursday 6PM. If you can upload earlier than that please do. Use this form to receive the upload password. Please do not upload via Dropbox. We have limited space on Dropbox and a 20 minute video will fill it up.

Upload your files to APBC Uploads. The “ownCloud Anonymous Upload” page will show a confirmation on completion of the upload. You will not be shown the upload(s) on the server.


    If you have other questions or comments, use this form.